These Wild 'Insatiable' Memes Will Leave You Speechless

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Some shows are polarizing to the point of no return. Netflix’s Insatiable is no stranger to controversy. The show debuted with a balls-to-the-walls premise and was quickly panned by critics and much of the viewers. But, that doesn’t mean Insatiable missed the mark with all viewers. There are plenty of people who devoured every wild, over-the-top morsel the TV show has to offer. From people’s love or hate (or maybe even love-hate) relationship came an explosion of memes that have taken over the internet. After all, you can’t expect a show like Insatiable to go gently into the night.Even though Netflix canceled the series after airing only two seasons, Insatiable continues to live on thanks to the glorious and ghastly landscape of the internet. Whether you love it or hate it, there is no denying that this is one Netflix comedy people have a lot of opinions about. Some may think it’s a disastrous, hodge-lodge of a series that takes a teachable moment and morphs it into something heinous. While others may think it’s the best coming-of-age teen satire to ever exist. Whatever the case, there is no denying that Insatiable has left an indelible mark on TV culture — for better or worse. Keep scrolling to see the wildest Insatiable memes the internet churned up. These will leave you speechless. Guaranteed.




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