SCG Mini Boot Is the Off-Road Sports Car the World’s Been Missing

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Are you getting tired of the Porsche 911 Safari craze, but still love the idea of an off-road-oriented sports car? Then Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus has the vehicle for you: The 008.

Informally known as the 004/Mini Boot, the 008 seems to take the bodywork of the company’s 650-hp SCG 004 mid-engine sports car and sprinkle in the soul of the SCG Boot high-performance desert-running truck/SUV. The finished product is best described as the automotive embodiment of a chef’s kiss. 

SCG plans to sell the 008 strictly as a kit car, and buyers will have to source their own powertrain for the little trail-tackler. The company notes a General Motors 2.2-liter four-cylinder engine and a Sadev transaxle are a perfect fit for the 008, however, creative minds will surely manage to fit all sorts of engine and transmission options under the car’s bodywork. After all, who wants to settle on GM’s Ecotec inline-four when the company’s small-block V-8 exists?



How much the kit costs, as well as if SCG plans to offer it with an available four-wheel-drive system, remains up in the air. We’re hopeful SCG manages to keep the price of this Mini Boot well below six figures, although we imagine the company will charge extra for items such as a bull bar, driving lights, externally-mounted spare tire, and winch. Regardless of what the 008 ultimately sells for, it at least has this one thing going for it: It’s not another take on a 911 Safari. 

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