51-Year-Old Author Says Women Over 50 Are “Too Old To Be Loved” And He Prefers 25-Year-Olds

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Yann Moix is the author of several prize-winning novels, but he also gained a lot of attention for being extremely misogynistic and ageist.

Moix said in an interview with Marie-Claire magazine that women in their 50s are “too, too old” for love – even though he was 50 years old when he gave the interview. He added that women his age were “invisible to him”, and that he prefers younger women’s bodies. He also noted that “the body of a 25-year-old woman is extraordinary”, and “the body of a woman of 50 is not extraordinary at all”.

Even further, Moix even said that he prefers dating Asian women, especially Koreans, Chinese, and Japanese, and he said that “it’s perhaps sad and reductive for the women he goes out with but the Asian type is sufficiently rich, large, and infinite for him not to be ashamed”.

Believe it or not, Moix managed to make things even worse in another interview with The Times, and he didn’t feel apologetic at all for the remarks he made.

As reported by BBC, Moix later tried to defend himself by saying that 50-year-old women do not see him either, as “they have something else to do rather than get around a neurotic who writes and reads all day long”. He also added that it’s not easy to be with him, and we most certainly believe him.

This is how women on Twitter reacted to the writer’s remarks:

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