30 Gorgeous First Tattoo Ideas For Girls That Are Simply Superb

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Is it time for your first ink? Then you you must be going crazy trying to search for good first tattoo ideas. This article is aimed at helping you in this quest to choose the best tattoo for you. Selecting the best one out of the infinite number of first tattoo ideas can be tricky. The reason is there are practically thousands of tattoos that are good and beautiful and you would feel like trying all of them. So here are some points that you should consider before finalizing your very first ink.


Your liking: – What is it that you generally relate to? Music, sports, art, or whatever that you wish your tattoo to permanently express to everyone. It could also be a viewpoint or someone in your life.

Placement: – Tattoos, first or not do depend on where exactly you want them to be. A banana somewhere near the lower region may give a very wrong message.

Size: – How big you want your first one to be. Well this is an important question you need to consider in case of tattoos as much as in case of your first lover. No pun intended.

Color: – This one is simple colored or black n white.

The “PAIN” Aspect: – Well sweetheart it will hurt, so are you sure you can take it? However pain of tattoo varies from one body area to other so you can always decide for a less painful place.

Budget: – Like every other form of fashion and style, tattoos also cost and you will always have to consider your cash before you go on to spend it.

So without any further delay scroll on and choose the best one for you out of these first tattoo ideas.


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