Payoneer Impartial Review: Global Payment Partner For freelancers

Payoneer is an industry-leading global payments company, provides innovative payment solutions for a borderless world where India Team on top position. So far more than 2,0000 companies worldwide use Payoneer as their global payout provider and Payoneer serves more than three million customers. A recent analysis conducted by Let’s Talk Payments (LTP), an international FinTech content and research firm, compared the differing methods and costs of transferring B2B payments from the US to India. The study reveals Payoneer offers the lowest payment fees, reducing costs by up to 71%. In a white paper, the leading international fintech research company compares the top three options available in India and reveals the payment option with the lowest rates that can save your business thousands of Rupees via Payoneer only.  It is mention that Payoneer India has a strong team from online freelancers industry leaders to run it.

What Does Payoneer Do?

The most utilized function of Payoneer is to send funds to businesses and individuals around the globe but Indian citizens can only accept their payments. There are a lot of services that can do that, like long-known PayPal, but Payoneer allows you to send funds wherever they may be locate, in mass payouts or single payouts, with the ability to send funds in the currency and payout method of their choice. Payoneer services are available in more than 200 countries and include flexible ways to receive your funds such as bank funds transfers, international wire transfers, and local eWallets. Transactions can be completed in over 60 currencies, too, making Payoneer a truly global platform. But Payoneer India is doing more effectively than other regions.

Funds can be transferred in quite a few different markets such as for affiliates, so they can immediately receive commissions and payouts, while avoiding fees. Payoneer even works with stock photography websites to distribute royalties and commissions in some regions.

Payoneer makes account management easy by offering a multi-lingual mobile app that lets you view your account balance and have it tabulated in 20 different currencies including Indian Rupees. The app is available in 19 languages including Hindi, Bengali etc, and gives you direct access to your account to review your transactions and payment history. The app is available in the Apple store and on Google Play.

Facts of Payoneer India Team

1. Payoneer can help you reduce the cost of receiving international payments by 71%
2. While comparing various payment options, we do not want to criticize the banks or PayPal.
3. Instead, concentrate on Payoneer being simpler, faster and more cost-effective than other methods of getting paid.
4.  Indian customers get paid straight to their bank account, in INR

Anyone age 18 or older can sign up for the Payoneer  in order to receive payments from any of the thousands of companies that use Payoneer. Additional fees and other specific information could not be located because Payoneer keeps referring users to “see a full list of pricing and fees….via your online My Account page.” Additionally, some fees are different depending on your country of residence. For example:
  • There is a foreign transaction fee applied to any transaction processed in a currency other than your own. The currency conversion rate is “based on either a wholesale market rate or the government-mandated rate in effect one day prior to the processing date.
  • If you close your account any funds remaining in the account can be redeemed. You may be charged a redemption fee, unless you ask for the funds to be transferred to another account managed by Payoneer.
Check out the FAQs page for answers to popular questions or check out their how-to videos on their website.

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