At Least Dubai Acknowledges Unconventional Beauty Kicks Tatted Man Out For "Black Magic" More Like He was Too Sexy!

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You know what, I’m glad the Middle Eastern Gulf region is taking into account all kinds of sexy when it comes to deporting men.

Because the most recent deportee is a 55-year old German man, Rolf Buccholz, internationally known for holding the Guinness World Record in having the most body piercings.

Buchholz flew to Dubai to party it up at Circque le Soir, a club that promises to bring out all the freaks and fantasy fetish stuff, as a paid appearance. But at the Dubai Airport he was denied entry into the Emirate on the account of possibly being a High Priest of the Dark Arts and a practitioner of Black Magic. Yes, that is why he was denied entry, because he looked as sexy as a Black Magic Priest. And yes, I would probably be wooed by him.

buccholz suit

That’s why I’m quite impressed by this debacle. Usually when countries in the Gulf deport or deny a man entry it’s because of his irresistible [conventional] sexiness , which isn’t a bad thing, or because he rocks a panty-dropping mustache. It’s apparent that the Gulf is now taking all sexual kinks, types, and quirks into account when deciding whether a man is too sexy to enter their borders.

When the outlined reasons for being denied entry are usually a positive HIV test or past criminal record in the country, I think being denied for giving off the aura of dark arts is the lesser of all the evils.

To be honest, I feel bad for the guy! It’s not like he could have read the visa entry regulations and come completely prepared. How did he know they were going to think his looking like a hot evil villian would render him too irresistible for local Emirati women to walk freely around. He couldn’t!

This Could Have Been Avoided, Though…

Another German was refused entry into a Middle Eastern country this weekend — although not due to his sexiness, but more to his management team’s disregard for reading the rules.

Berlin-based DJ, Dixon, was supposed to spin at Beirut’s The Garten but was stuck at Beirut International for 18-hours and missed the show.

He wrote a message on FB today: “Due to visa issues the authority of Lebanon didn’t let me enter the country.”

The visa issue Dixon is addressing is having an Israeli stamp in his passport while trying to enter Lebanon which is absolutely forbidden. Either you get a whole new passport and visit Lebanon before you go back to Israel, or you work it with two passport, team Dixon. Everyone knows that.

While dealing with the expected outcome of his error, Dixon did get to ponder the meaning of life and understand what it’s like, let’s say, for the Palestinians who live in Israel (where he got the passport stamp) who cannot cross borders and remain in the world’s largest open-air prison. Perhaps he was even exposed to the horror of being a Syrian refugee in Lebanon.

“The ‘transfer lounge’ is actually nothing else than a prison: a small locked up room with no windows and food, where you are led to after your passport was taken. I spent 18h there as a denied passenger waiting to be sent back.

As you can imagine it was quite a shocking and unsettling experience. But being back home safely now I’m quite thankful for it because experiencing what thousands of people go thru every day on the boarders around the world makes you reflect upon your privileged position and the lack of it being daily grind for too many.”

Unlike Dixon who returned home with a new sense of world regard and empathy, Buchholz was sad enough to tweet that he’d never go back to Dubai (then later retracted it). I would probably never go back to Dubai unless it was a paid trip too, Dixon, don’t worry.

Ultimately we can’t tell which is more heinous. But if you have horns on your head or Israeli stamps in your passport maybe you should check out the mundane rules (and in Buccholz’s case have a local connection) before you exhibit your art in the Middle East.




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