Modern manager and global information source control

Today, the world is as small as a village and as large as world itself.The e-business scenario bridges these contradictory facts.The virtual world has already captured almost every where and every department world wide either poor or rich country.It is quite evident that with globalization, the world wide web has become another hot spot of common people .The rapid development of information technology has the root cause of this revolutionary changes. But management remains same in this development process , the only this has changed that it is done more quickly and puzzle free via computer and internet.Modern manager and global information source control
Modern manager and global information source control says that we are witnessing an era of convergence .The world is converging at a tremendous speed to develop synergies, thanks to the advancements of information technologies and communication systems.Today’s blog post tries to cover the applying theory and practice of managerial ways under mouth of information technology.

1. Modern manager’s supervision :-

Human resource department of any company or government ministry have to look after whole system of works either domestic or multinational or transnational activities with their productivity and creativity.If we go to present market then easily it is seen that the buyers being aware of the fluctuations in price and demand in local as well as global market, can place their orders immediately and accordingly.So a manager can ensure that the information available any where and any time with latest updates about products and price.

2. Global information source control :-

There are several versatile levels of information must be gathered by a manager in view of real time profit able business and marketing.Expert says that there mainly three kinds of information have to gathered instantly by a modern manager. Those are given bellow-

i. Public viewing information :-

On one level,information may be available , to any one who visit the company or departmental website or customer care center any where in the world where the business are going on.No special access permission needs for those information.

ii. Semi secure information :-

On level 2 , additional information can gets by the valued customers or firm members only.

iii. Secured information :-

On level 3, special information may be available only for the selected customers or broad members or employees only.
In order to safe global business , a manager can take some special pre cautions where it is needed .

3. B2B deal by modern manager:-

In business to business deals the credibility of the companies involved is verified for online business transactions.There is a major difference between the reality of security threats online and the perception of them by the buyers-members and common public.So a modern manager can be ensure the whole puzzling system to reality by showing the reality of security threat free.

4. Final thoughts of author :-

Needless to to say that modern business has reached to bed room of every each customer globally.The ownership of business has already moved from potential owners to technies people via customers database.So present managers must be techno experts , other wise they will loss their jobs with in a few months.

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