Global business and marketing needs strong customer support team

It is known to all that any global business and marketing system must have a good customer support team either they are doing online or offline helps but it needs quick response to value customer because they(customers) are the main referrers of any business or product(s).Here some questions rise that who will lead the support team ?

I think a few key criteria such as recognized as product experts , exchanging best practices with others , promoting a product that they depend on for their livelihood or for enjoyment and much more . But why these efficiency needs then easily we can say that saving on supports costs , incubating brand evangelists, reducing the need for employees to update , identifying the real product, usability and documentation weaknesses and many more.Here is the full coverage of customer support team .

Global business and marketing needs strong customer support team 

1. What is global support in marketing :-

Traditionally, support is measured using metrics like time to resolution or percentage of cases resolved on first contact. The success of a support team either online community or offline is measured by looking at the product(s), useless,solve etc. Support is all about efficiency whereas community is all about participation. So how can a community be better at providing customer support than a well-ordered, searchable knowledge base. Regardless of the kind of product or service that you offer, community engagement must trump efficiency if you want to build a healthy community and reduce support costs. Your community must be welcoming, it must reward positive behavior, and it must make it easy for first time customers to get involved.

2. Global support team works :-

i. Social community formation :-

Welcoming new customers, giving them a quick orientation and encouraging them to publicize on a regular basis. Higher community managers are often heavily involved in offline events like customer meetups or conferences since they are well known to your customers.

ii. Mechanical and Technical support :-

Two or more mechanical and technical person with excellent product knowledge can help answer technical questions recognize and reward product savvy customers in the community.

iii. Team concierge :-

The global marketing support team leader might well be the only person that your customers have a relationship with and becomes the ‘go to’ when a customer wants something any time and any where.

iv. Global marketing and PR :-

It is better to build buzz in the seminar or conference leading up to a product announcement, identifying happy customers who are willing to participate in case studies and rewarding customers who promote your brand.

v. Instant sales :-

It is a business strategy to Identify an up-sell or cross-sell opportunity. Since support team should advocate for customers, it’s probably better that they not be asked to actually sell to them.

vi. Pure form strategist :-

Every time may be every where some one having big boss on your product(s) who may be faced by your support team.So it is better to give a pure strategist plan to such person or firm(s).

vii. Higher authorities intervention :-

The global support community manager is immersed in the customer experience and is well positioned to gauge the reaction to new products or initiatives, help create customer personas, help identify unmet customer needs and provide other inputs to your company’s strategic plans.He/she can solve any problems with in a few minutes.

Final thoughts of the author :-

Social media has become one of the essential part of our daily life . So global support team can take the advantage of this social networking site and announce their up coming or running product(s) and marketing strategies. The big social networks are enormously useful and keep people coming back but they haven’t been successful at fostering engagement (emotional attachment) and community (common interest). In case of example we can say Facebook, Twitter , Google+ and other sites are monopolizing people’s time and are doing a better job at engaging users.There is plenty of evidence that participation in interest-based communities is continuing to grow.However any where customer support team is the pillar of longevity to any company and their product(s).

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