Safe and secure online shopping sites’ 9 key operating criteria to get the trust from customers or clients

Online Shopping designates marketing and selling products to the customers. It includes supplying orders and other associate business.It is similar to other real world business.Online shopping is convenient and we can also get great daily deals from these websites.

Here is the list of Safe and secure online shopping sites’ 9 key operating criteria to get the trust from customers or clients.

1. Company Information:-

It is most important information of a shopping website or portal.It must include the company or firm details with handling persons.

2. Customer support system:-

Customer support system is one of the most important part of any business establishment as customer may getting problem any time and any where such they can get help from the company side easily and very short time .It is better to support real time.

3. Frequently ask question facilities:-

Normally rising questions or queries are indicated FAQ.So it is better to identify those queries and give reply in advance.

4. Customer unique ID:-

Unique ID or registration authentication is must necessary to get trust from customers or clients.

5. E-mailing facility:-

Mailing service is part of marketing and publicizing of pre sell and post sell condition which can bear support and promote new products.

6. One to one marketing:-

More personalized and customized marketing is a better way to get trust from customer and clients.

7. User friendly product database:-

Dynamic website or shopping portal with product(s) database can help to maintain the site real time basis.

8. Online easy payment facilities:-

Payment facility is most import factor of online business as we know that customer always wants to hide their identity in buying process.

9. Privacy and encrypting support:-

Highlight security on secure areas of the website to remind customers that their information is safe; even though browsers have small built-in indicators to show secure areas, reiterate it on the page. Amazon does this through its sign-in button; other websites display a padlock icon near the log-in area. Clearly state your business practices (including privacy, security and return policies), and make them accessible from every page. Don’t make users hunt for this information; rather, present these links contextually where appropriate


There are a large number of e-shopping portal carrying their business via web portal.Make it easy for customers to find your website by using a combination of online and offline marketing tactics. Analytics will show you how users are coming to your website — for most websites, search engines and other online referrals, including social media, play a big role. What these reports will not show you are missed opportunities, such as customers ending up on your competitors’ websites instead of yours because of their search keywords. Create a strong foundation through distinct product categories and user-centric labels that help users explore other areas of the website. Involve users in the design process by conducting exercises such as card-sorting to understand their mental model and to create an architecture that is intuitive to them.

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