Core Factors of Global advertising and copy test reliability for transnational company

Global advertising is not a simple matter because it needs global acceptance and morality of product saturation for multinational company or organization.

We must agree that determining an ad’s effectiveness based on consumer responses, feedback,and behavior.Also known as pre-testing,it covers all media channels including television,print,radio,internet,and social media.

1.Advertisement measurement:-
Provides measurements which are relevant to the objectives of the advertising.

2.Result oriented:-
Requires agreement about how the results will be used in advance of each specific test.

3.Multiple choices:-
Provides multiple measurements,because single measurements are generally inadequate to assess the performance of an advertisement.

4.Real time response:-
Based on a model of human response to communications–the reception of a stimulus, the comprehension of the stimulus,and the response to the stimulus.

5.Re exposes:-
Allows for consideration of whether the advertising stimulus should be exposed more than once.

6.Previous evaluation:-
Recognizes that the more finished a piece of copy is,the more soundly it can be evaluated and requires,as a minimum,that alternative executions be tested in the same degree of finish.

7.Exposure control:-
Provides controls to avoid the biasing effects of the exposure context.

8.Simple definition:-
Takes into account basic considerations of sample definition.
9.Examine trust worthy:-
Demonstrates reliability and validity of any global advertising.
There is no straightforward assessment of copy testing in any advertisement either that is domestic or global.So pre measurement is the best way to expose any global advertisement.It is already proved that the ads agency with global experiences has done good work in this matter.

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