9 key factors Of Global Marketing Project That Drive The Calculation Of Time In MIS System

Global Marketing has been already shifted to MIS based plan project.So generally managers are started to carry any project with time calculation based data menu

Today I am going to define The 9 key factors Of Global Marketing Project That Drive The Calculation Of Time In MIS System.Those factors of global marketing Project are:-
1.Project start date:-
The date on which you create the project plan becomes the default project start date.However ,you can change this date to reflect the plan that you are creating.
2.Task duration:-
Task durations have a direct impact on the calculation of start dates and finish dates. You can enter task durations directly into the Duration field in any table or dialog box where the field is displayed.The most typical method is to enter a task’s duration in the Duration field of the Gantt Chart view by using the Entry table.
3.Task dependencies:-
One of the most critical steps in project scheduling is to establish a network for your tasks by setting task dependencies.With dependencies,you reflect the order in which tasks should be done,as well as the relationship between sequential tasks.If one task cannot start until another task finishes, you can link the two tasks by using the common finish-to-start(FS)dependency.If a task can start as soon as another task starts,you can link them by using the start-to-start(SS) dependency.You can also set finish-to-finish (FF)dependencies and start-to-finish(SF) dependencies.
4.Project calendars:-
Project also uses calendars to calculate the start dates and end dates of tasks.Three base calendars are included with Project-the Standard calendar,the 24-Hours calendar,and the Night Shift calendar.
5.Task constraints and deadlines:-
Project schedules all tasks by using the As Soon As Possible(ASAP)constraint unless you explicitly apply a date constraint,such as Start No Earlier Than(SNET)or Must Finish On (MFO).
6.Resource assignments and task types:-
Until you assign resources,task scheduling depends on the project start and finish dates, task durations,task dependencies,project calendar,and constraints.After you assign resources to tasks in the project,Project takes more resource-related factors into consideration.The most significant factor related to assigned resources is the task type.
7.Demo projection:-
It is most essential to share demo project with senior or junior whom you trust and deserve constructive advice.
8.Customer blue print:-
Customers’desire,customers’customs,customers self behaviors etc have to maintain and making a blue print to handle the matters with payment schedule.
9.Final delivery:-
Delivery is the final steps where you can enjoy the result of your hard works either it is domestic market or global market.Delivery gives the feedback to your project(s).
You should understand how these nine aspects of scheduling affect your project plan in domestic market or global market,you will have the necessary framework to develop and maintain your project plans.You will also know how to troubleshoot and eliminate any problems that occur when you optimize your plan for time, which is one side of the project triangle.This article gives tips and techniques for using the nine key factors that affect the calculation of a task’s start date,finish date,and duration.

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