Major Factors of Assessing Market Opportunities Demand in Global Marketing World

Assessing market opportunities depends on the various factors but purely it depends on three main points.These points are classified as existing demand,latent demand and incipient demand.Each of demand depends on some factors.
Today I am going to give the major factors of assessing market opportunities demand.Here the methodology for assessing and validating new market opportunities in global marketing world:-

1.Market/Industry Situation:-
i.Target Market Segment
ii.Application focus
iii.Product/Concept Description
iv.What material/process currently performs the
v.How will our product solution improve the
current situation?
2.Customer/Application Description:-
i.Current Market Situation
ii.Who serves the market and why
iii.Buying behavior
iv.Opportunity for our technology
v.Application requirements
vi.Product/Service Solution
3.Market Assessment Industry Factors:-
i.Market Size
ii.Growth Rate
iii.Product Life Cycle
iv.Price/Performance (Value) Relationship
v.Industry Trends that will effect our target
vi.Key Players
4.Market Assessment Structure and Attractiveness:-
i.Barriers to entry
ii.Threat of new entrants
iii.Bargaining power of buyers
iv.Bargaining power of suppliers
5.Market Assessment Environmental Factors:-
ii.Regulatory (Agency)
6.Modern Technology:-
i.International Standards
8.Competitor Analysis Specific to Target Market:-
i.Primary Competitors
ii.Material and supplier share analysis
iii.Resource Focus and Commitment
iv.View of market
v.Response to competitive inroads
9.Product Positioning(Capturing Value):-
i.Product Technology Substitutes
ii.Value Chain Benefit Analysis
iii.Key positioning product/service attributes
iv.Purchasing Criteria(price,performance,
technical service,global support)
v.Sales Pitch
vi.Who will follow – barriers to entry
10.Product Design and Pricing:-
i.Value Chain Pricing
ii.Product Line Impact
iii.New Product Opportunities
11.Marketing Communications:-
i.Target Audience – Buying Influencers
ii.Message by influencer
iii.Media Selection
vi.Direct Sales
12.Intellectual Property:-
iv.Trade Secrets
v.Legal Agreements
13.Manufacturing Strategy:-
i.Pilot plant
ii.Scale-up strategy
iii.Contract Manufacturing
iv.Production Facility
v.Quality Specifications
vi.Manufacturing Specifications
14.Financial Considerations:-
i.Product/Technology Development
ii.Intellectual Property
iv.Market Development
v.Product Introduction
ii.Actions to develop the product
iii.Actions to develop the market
iv.Action Plan with timetables and objectives for each step.

i.Global marketing management by Warren J Keegan.
ii.Information system for modern management by Robert G.Murdick,Joel E.Ross,James R.
iii.E-management the born of technology by Apurba kumar Ray,Ratna Sannyal Bhattacharjee.
iv.Online forums and offline business magazines 

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