Elements of Global Information System & Marketing Agenda In Trade Environment

Global marketing is going hard harder as much as the information technology has reached every one’s common life.Recent survey shows the major elements in the international marketing environment,this section is concerned with identifying market opportunities.However,as seen earlier,these markets may change with changing political stances,so it may be that Asia has to look further afield.This will involve uncertainty because the more unfamiliar the new opportunities sought,the greater the perceived risk of success.

Here I have tried to give the main elements of Information system in global marketing field.
I]Give an understanding of the way a global information system can help reduce uncertainty in decision making:-
Due to globalization in mutinational marketing ,the marketer is faced with a dilemma of having too much data and too little information.There is plenty of global data from sources like the World Bank,but often a lack of specific information on countries and markets.In helping to reduce uncertainty around decision making, precise information is the key,getting it is quite another thing.Whilst searching for opportunities globally,uncertainties will arise due to four main factors are lack of knowledge of the existence of possible new market alternatives,the conditions internal and external to the firm which will determine the consequences of a new alternative,what consequences these conditions when known may have for the firm,and how these consequences may be expressed in relevant terms of goal fulfilment.Uncertainty arises due to the time lapse between the decision and the outcome of the action decided on.When marketing domestically the system is fairly easy to learn.When crossing global boundaries the whole process is exaggerated by necessary paperwork, exchange rates,cash flows and transportation problems to name but a few.This uncertainty gives rise to the need for information.

II]Describe the process of global marketing research:-

The main elements of the information system
are Data may be specific or general or both and used for decisions on whether to enter markets or not,in what degree and what emphasis in terms of the marketing mix.General information includes data on the following 
as Economic,Sociocultural,Political,Technology ,Resources,Fiscal,Institutions,Managerial etc.Major factor of global marketing is Sources of information.
In recent years there has been an information explosion,especially in the documented,or “secondary”source area.(Primary data collection will be dealt with later).Various sources of documented data are available as Governments, Business,trade,professional,Foreign embassies, trade missions,Libraries,universities,colleges etc.Human sources is another factor of research.Executives based domestic and abroad, specific”look see”missions which are very important,and sales people,customers,suppliers, distributors,and government officials.This information is “internal”to the firm as opposed to documentary sources which are generally external.Most of the information is gathered on a face to face basis
III]See & show the problems associated with conducting global marketing research:-
Marketing research must bears three points such as Investigation(short term,specific data search),Research(formally organized effort to acquire specific information)and Continuous (formally gathering longitudinal data on a continuous basis using panels of respondents). These steps help to improve the analytical techniques for researching international market.”Usual”methods include univariate methods(mean,median,mode,standard deviation), bi-variate methods(regression, correlation,cross tabulations),and multi variate methods(including multiple regression, cluster analysis,multiple factor indices and multidimensional scaling).Industrial growth patterns may give an insight into market demand.Statistics can be obtained from in country sources.Income elasticity measurements can describe the relationship between demand for goods and changes in income.Regional lead-lag analysis predicts what could happen to the pattern of demand in a considered country based on the pattern of demand in a leading country. Location of research facility is always a burning question as to where to locate the research,in-country or”at home“.In general the more”distant”the country,the better it is to locate the research in-country.Surveillance techniques could,on the other hand,be mainly conducted at home.
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