Global Marketing Manager Should know about Computer Systems & Operating Methods

When we review the factors contributing to complexity in organizations and the advances in management that permit the application of the system approach,it becomes clear that vital changes lie ahead for the manger.

First,we know that the future will bring changes and that the changes will occur at an accelerated rate.Second,these changes will require more information more knowledge about our product,our customer,and about alternative ways to improve our effectiveness.And third,the requirement for more information will necessitate new methods and new procedures for gathering,retrieving,and evaluating this information for making vital decisions. 

It is not the purpose of the chapter to provide either a technical discussion or an in-depth treatment of the hardware or the operation of a computer.We believe that such an exposure is not essential for the manger-user.Just as the driver of an automobile can operate the vehicle without a sophisticated engineering knowledge of its engine,the manger can be quite closely involved in MIS design without a technical background in computer operation.
However,some familiarity with the computer and its role in the processing of information is desirable.The objective of the chapter is to explain the elements and operation of the computer sufficiently so that the manger-user can participate in systems deign.To do this,the manger should be able to accomplishment of his or her operational effectiveness.A secondary
 purpose is the help close the understanding and appreciation“gap”between mangers and computer professionals.The approach will be by analogy, making the transition from the commonplace and easily understood manual system to the more complex computer application.

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