Global Business Negotiation Keiretsu & Asian Countries Involvement Psychological 9 Points During The Dealings

Mastering the Asian Market is not a easy task as it has a lots of varieties people,customs and geographic differences.Asia is mainly divided in Three typologies.Firstly fully developed countries,developing countries and low grade countries.On the other had we can say East pacific Asia,South East Asia and Middle East Asia.Today I am going to discuss the nine points of business deals or negations in East pacific,South east Asian countries behavior and customs.My discussion covers Japan,China, Singapore,Malaysia,Taiwan and India.Before going to deal with Asian company(s).It needs to know 9 points of business deals with custom nature.Those are given bellow:-

i.Know the Keiretsu :-

Find everything you can about the people you plan to meet that is the Keiretsu.
ii.No hurry:-
Never except quick deal and be prepare many meeting to create good relationship.
iii.Small Talk:-
Your meeting should be small and talk only a few as environment wants.
iv.Avoid confrontation:-
Never give or take confrontation to any deals with your expectation.
v.Never deceived emotion:-
Asian people are normally emotional and sensitivities so they contain their emotions.
vi.Don’t take nod of the head:-
A node of the head never means the ‘YES’ for Asian people.Simply it means you are in right point but it may not mean they take your point.
vii.Wait for a call to meet:-
A call from your Asian counterpart means you are going to trust by the Asian.
viii.Wait for vast discussion:-
It is shown that you may be dealing with a single person but he /she will discuss the matter with senior and junior too and there after take the decision.
ix.Consensus should not be undervalued:-
Recent activities of Asian countries show that once the negation is confirmed then every thing is going very fast.
Asian is the largest continent with highest population so it is no doubt having the largest market of everything those are produced by the fully developed western countries.It needs the value and culture of Asian countries to deal with Asian.Asian market takes flexibility, ambition and a long term commitment.
[Keiretsu is a Japanese word which means an alliance of industries with same related product or sevice]

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