9 Points Of Product Saturation Levels In Global Business & Marketing Field.

Product saturation level is one of the most essential factor in global business and marketing world.We are going to disclose the nine points of product saturation with the view of time and custom zones.

 I.Product Design:-
Product design is the key factor of success in global market so it is need to keep in mind that single design may not be work same in globally .It needs modification due to change of time and customs changing level in internationally.
2.Product Preferences:-
Product preferences depend on color and taste based because same color or taste may not be suitable for another customs or nation so product must give preference on the basis of particular custom or nation(s).
3.Product cost:-
Product cost is one of the major factor of global market so when it design must keep in mind to as much as cheapest cost either in manufacturing or selling matter.
4.Product Law & Regulation:-
Product design does never violet the law and regulation of any nation or international any treaty between the nations.If it violets then must bear great loss in globally.
5.Local Like Design:-
Product design must bear the local made sign on it because on a days nationalism  growing more and more for the capturing the capitalism.
6.Self Produce Design:-
Self produce design means that manufacturing unit must covers the nationals  where it situated.If possible more and more local employees should keeps in hand to design.
7.Non Tariff Barriers:-
Non tariff barriers means the product design have to cross the boundaries of many nations so it have to obey the local government and touches countries  laws and policies which they apply on your design.
8.Communication Strategic Alternatives:-
Product design must have the alternative strategic source under the on time situation basis that is the demand of time and custom(s).
9.Product Compatibility:-
Product design last issue is compatibility with the environment in which it is used.Simply any one can say that translate all  things as manual, warranty card,electricity consume,repair diagram  etc must be on the basis of local custom and tradition.Another thing is that climate which can maintain the withstand humidity .
Product design or service is the main and primary condition to start a business either nation wide or globally .So it is most essential to the business personnels to carry the all points in mind before start it.If you like or dislike this article  then comment bellow with your thoughts.

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