Top Nine hinges on understanding what constitutes a plan or project in business world

All of this discussion hinges on understanding what constitutes a plan or project in business world. The following items should certainly be included :- 
1. Summary statement of the problem being solved by this project is required.
2. A breakdown of the work to be done (as detailed as practical) is required. Also estimates of how long each piece will take are needed. Documentation, and maintenance efforts should be included.
3. A list of dependencies on outside groups with target dates for “delivery” of services or equipment is required.
4. A list of outside groups that depend on this project with target dates for delivery is required.
5. A list of interdependencies of various pieces within this project with dates of need/delivery is required.
6. The skills needed to complete the project should be listed. Eventually, the people who work on this project must match this list exactly.
7. Other resources needed to complete the project must be identified (e.g., space, computer hardware, and telephones). Dates these items are needed must be specified.
8. A budget covering salaries of the employees or workers of the project.
9. Alternative way of recovery of the project if normal process failed must define.
The final responsibility conclusion on Control & management:-
Control and maintence of the system are the responsibilities of the line mangers. Control of the system means the operation of the system as it was designed to operate. Sometimes operators will develop their own private procedures or will short-circuit procedures degined to provide checks. Often well-intentioned people make unauthorized chages to impeove the system, changes that are not approved or documented. Managers themselves may not be factoring into decisions information supplied by the system, such as sales forecast or inventory information, and may be relying on intuition. It is up to management at each level in the organization to provide periodic spotchecks of the system for control purpose.

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