Management Information System (MIS) Is The Back Bone Of Any Business Establishment in Modern Globalization Market

MIS is not a new Idea .Before computer it has been working via manager(s) and CEO(s).MIS is the main theme of any business module or commercial firm .Management is the first part of MIS which can make strong a business today and near future. Second thing is that gathering Information up to date for market and product relations. Thirdly the System is used as store house of all data in relation of business or market survey via product and service(s) of the establishment(s).
The implementation of the MIS is the culmination of the design process. We have pointed out the close pre and post implementation relationships between design and implementation. We have discussed three major approaches to implementation from the design time standpoint. Finally, we have given a step-by-step procedure for implementation. As we pointed out in the chapters on design, such a procedure is only an approximation of the timing, because there many exits a parallel execution of some steps. Thus, it seems logical to document the system after it has been debugged and is in final form. In practice, however it is necessary to document the system as installation takes place, so that there will be an up-to-date reference design during the design phase. The final documentation should be a complete, formal, accurate version of the MIS as it exists in operation.
We have given the major implementation steps are:-
1. Planning the implementation activities: It is the main part of any business view of time to time.
2.Acquiring and laying out facilities and offices: Office is one of the major trusty of consumer(s) or common people.
3.Organizing:-It is the direct relation of market and business establishment via which manufacturer and consumers can communicated through product or service(s)

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