New Management Mantras :Function of Objectives in Advertising and Marketing Organization to Individual

Objective serve several function in modern management . one function is to opterats as communication and coordination devices . They provide a vehicle  by which the client, the agency account executive . and the creative team communicate . They also serve to coor-dinate the efforts of such groups  as copywriters . radio specialists, media buyers, and  re-search specialists .
A second function of  objectives is to provide a criterion fot decision making. If two alternative campaigns are generate, one must be selected . Rather than relying on an executive’ esthetic judgment (or on that of his or her spouse ), he or she should be able to turn to the objective and select the criterion that will most  readly  achieve it.One test of the operationnality of an objective is the degree to which it can act as a decision criterion.
A related function of an objective is to evaluate result s. Thus anotherbtest of objective operationality is whether it can be used to evaluate campaign at its conclusion . This function impliesthat there needs to be a measure such as market share or brand awareness  associated  with the objective . At the end of the camoaign ,that preselected  measure  is employed to evaluate  the success of the campaign __ such success is increasingly how advertising agencies are getting  compensated , as was pointed  out in Chapter.
Sales as an Objective:-
Advertising objective , like organizational objective , should be operational. They should be effective criteria for decision making  and should provide standards with  which result can be compared. Furthermore, they should be effective communicational tool, providing a line between strategic and tactical decision.
A convened and enticing advertising objective  involves  a construct like immediate sales  or market share . The ultimate  aim of adversting  is often   to help raise the level  of some aggregate  measure like immediaed sales . The measure is usually readily available  to” evaluate”   the results of a  campaign . There are clearly  some  situations __ mail order  advertising  and some retail advertsing,  for example __ when immediate sales are good operational objective , and others in which they can  play a role in guiding the advertising campaign. Chapter 10 will discuss in more detail  such situations in which sales or market  share make useful objectives.
Howerver, objectives that involve an increase in immediate sales are not operational in many cases for two reasons: (1) advertising is only one of many factors influencing sales, and it is difficult to isolate its contribution to those sales, and (2) the contributory role of advertising often  occurs primarily  over the long run . Advertising is only one of the many forces that influence sales, as Fingerer 3-1 illustrates. The other forces include price, distribution, packaging, product features, com putative actions, and changing buyer needs and tastes .It is extremely difficult to isolate the effect of advertising. Some argue that evaluating advertising only by its impact on sales is like attributing all the success (or failure) of a football team to the quarterback. The fact is that many other elements can effect the team‘s record __ other plays, the competition, and the bounce of the ball. The implication is that effect of the quarterback. Performance should be measured by the things he alone can influence,    such as how he throws the ball , how he calls the plays , and how he hands off,.If in a real manner of marketing and management mantra. 

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