Most Recent Marketing mantra :Recall attitude of the Attitude Toward an Advertisement

A positive attitude toward an advertisement, in addition to creating higher levels of attitude to the brand , can also affect advertising impact in a variety of other ways, such as improving the recall of the advertised material. 19 Remember from Chapter 5 that recall and attitudes are different goals, achieved through different information processing mechanisms. A well – like dad, not surprisingly , is also remembered longer (though some standard recall copy tests actually show felling ads doing poorer on recall measure than they should, a point discussed latter in our copy testing chapter) . Interestingly , there is an argument that even disliked commercials can be effective in terms of recall and that, in fact, it is much better to be dislike than to be ignored. That is, both liked and disliked ads are supposed to be better on recall than are neural ads.
There is no shortage of anecdotal evidence  that irritating commercials have been effective. The classic example is the strong Rosser Reeves campaigns of past decades featuring his Unique Selling Propositions for Anacin, in which a hummer hitting a head was shown again and again and again. There are two explanations as to why a disliked ad can be effective in leading to brand preference via creating high recall.  20 First, in some contexts, attention to the ad , and processing of the information in it , could be increased without the negative felling reaction being transferred to the product. Second , brand familiarity is created which, particularly for low- involvement  products that are bought on the basis of awareness rather than attitudes,  may lead to increased brand choice. This is most likely to be effective if. Over time , the negative ad becomes disassociated from the business world.There i can say it that any marketing of product must relatively with great attitude which can bring another attitude to the sponsor. 

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