Organizational Behavior Management. This course is designed to provide the most up-to-date coverage of the Organizational Behavior field. This course will allow students to encompass the complete field of organizational behavior by integrating topic coverage, theory and practice, company examples and a pedagogical focus. The course begins with a review of the field of organizational behavior and focuses on ways to apply the scientific method to practical managerial problems. This information revolves around the three levels of analysis, which are individuals, groups and organizations. The course presents specific reference to the human relations movement including classical organizational theory and organization behavior behavior in the modern era. Theories of learning are paralleled with actual practices. Systematic discussion of actual organizational practices illustrates how crucial the practice of organizational behavior is today. Examples and theories are presented on companies as diverse as entrepreneurial ventures to monoliths like General Motors and Exxon. In addition, information is presented with respect to the new forms of business that are emerging rapidly due to technological advances. 
Individual differences within organizations are reviewed, including the effects this makes on organizational behavior. A wealth of information is presented on motivation in organizations, work-related attitudes, career management and stress. Special attention is given to the affects of group dynamics and effective team performance. The organization as a whole is presented in several different aspects. This course review communications in organizations as the foundation and lays the groundwork for decision making. Information is presented on pro social and deviant behavior in organizations.Awareness of the international nature of organization is presented throughout the course. The global nature of today’s business is also defined.Thus in present challenging world every thing of corporate world in competition either brand value of bussiness era. 

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