Typology of modern marketing development of global transnational corporation

Transnational marketing concept has come after the end of cold war as directly we can the starting globilazation.This concept covers domestic marketing, export marketing, international marketing, multinational marketing, global marketing.
i) Domestic marketing :-
Marketing that is targeted exclusively on the home country market is called domestic marketing. A company engaged in domestic marketing has few challenges to carry on for their strategic focusing .Before globalizing domestic marketing was the main strategic of every company or institution.
ii)Export marketing:-
Export marketing is the first stage of addressing market opportunities out side the home country. A sophisticated export marketer will study target markets and adapt product / services to meet the specific needs of customers in each country.
iii)International marketing:-
International marketing covers the environment of each countries customers choices those have to meet by the marketer company or institution. It based o communication relay to each country to others one. such we can see in market about Nokia,Sunsui,IBM etc.
iv)Multinational marketing :-
Multinational marketing and International marketing approximately same but multinational marketing has wide range as such it covers almost maximum countries of its marketing operation .A multinational company or institution has to develop it products or services to meet all ages or socio economic characters of the countries each.
v)Transnational marketing :-
Transnational marketing is the newest concept of international marketing .it focuses upon leveraging a company’s assets,experience,and product globally and upon adapting to what truly unique and different in each country.
**Global marketing or transnational marketing doesn’t mean entering every country of the world. It depends on company’s or institution’s resources and nature of operations. It has another important thing to determine the home and out side country’s threat about their marketing strategic.

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