The Main Principles Of Global Marketing management

The essence of marketing can be summarized in three great principles. Those are such as
i) the purpose and task of marketing, ii) the competitive reality of marketing, iii) the achieving
of marketing target .
i) The purpose and task of marketing:-
Every marketing professional, institution, organization has to determine the main purpose its marketing as it may be useful to that particular lobby. There after it is needed to determine the task or work the organization / institution is going to perform in market.
ii) The competitive reality of marketing:-
Competition is the genuine nature of the human beings and it is enforced every where of our life .Marketing is one the field where competition works heavily in every step of works. It is in four form competitions in Marketing such as product competition, resource competition, plan competition and distribution (HRD) competition.
iii) The achieving of marketing target:-

Every plan, strategy of marketing main targeting to achieve the goal of the core institution/organization .Finally it demands the targeted benefits from the marketing .This is the final step of the marketing.

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