Marketing is a universal discipline of practical human beings

The foundation for a successful global marketing program is a sound understanding of the marketing discipline. Marketing is a process of focusing resources and objectives of an organization on environmental opportunities and needs. The first and most fundamental fact about marketing is discipline which is applicable all over the ages & places are the same .It is a set of concepts, tools, theories, practices & procedures, harmony and experiences. All these methods constitute a teachable & learnable body of knowledge. Although Marketing is a universal method of practice but each place or person applies it in his/her own technique of the field of work observation. The marketing plan has to be changed if the customers, competitors, channels of distribution and avail media are different. During the past three decades the concept of marketing has changed dramatically for the development of information technology. But it is remain same as it was before to gain customer and benefit of such particular individual(s), organization(s), and institution(s). The new concept of marketing is based on four p’s which means product(s) ,price(s),promotion(s) and place(s).Channel of distribution is the another important factor of marketing propaganda which we define as places. The strategic concept of marketing has evolutioned. Now it is needed to know every thing about customer, product, government policy, product policy, competitors’ policy, economic & socio culture and many more of the market.

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