Moneymantras’ Model of Career Planning and Management: 9 steps to the Career Development Model & Tools and Techniques for Success In Your Dreams.

Step I:
Identify Information About Yourself
i) Personal Skills Assessment
ii) Motivational Factors
iii) Work Setting Preferences
iv) The Value of Identification
Step II:
Identify Information About Options
i) Gathering Information
ii) Identifying Prospects
ii) Informational Interviewing

Step III:
Targeting Your Employer
i) Narrowing the Field
ii) Tailoring Your Credentials
Step IV:
Action Planning
i) Self-Promotion
ii) Submitting Materials
iii) Securing an Interview
iv) Interview Preparation
Step V:
Staying Engaged in Your Own Professional Development
i) Develop opportunities
Step VI:
Reassess of your carrier industry.
Step VII:
Keep informed about the industry
Step VIII:
Stay connected with those in your network
Step IX:
Revisit the Career Management Model
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