Moneymantras9 Has Created 9 Business Mantras to All Business Personals Can Use To Get Success

Few years ago my Brother comforted me as I lay in bed terrified my business was going to fail – not from anything I’d done, but because none of my clients could pay me .It is designed for me when I was a  MBA student at M.K. University.I had allowed myself to create the business which came from a place of lack. I had a scarcity mindset and, as a result, had attracted that same type of client. That night I made several decisions:

1. My business would NOT fail:

Once I stated this as a fact, rather a desire, my path became clear. I created a roadmap to success and followed it every step of the way.

2. I would marry belief and action:-

While I believed in the Law of Attraction, I had never married that belief with concrete action. Doing so allowed me to come from a place of true authenticity which, in turn, attracted my ideal clients

3. I would embrace the concept of abundance:-

I had an inbox full of emails with information “in case I needed them someday”. I learned to embrace the theory of abundance and KNOW that the information would be there when I needed it. The day I hit “delete” on over 1,000 “cutting edge” business strategies is the day I became free.

4. I would learn to laser focus:-

My curse/ blessing as an entrepreneur was that I always had a new great idea and almost never *fully* completed any of them.

I started keeping an “idea notebook” on my desk for all those great ideas – I write and then go back to what I’m focused on and the ideas are there for when I want them.

5. I would read/listen to all the programs I had bought:-I had invested thousands upon thousands of dollars in programs which would help me succeed.Once the programs arrived however (they always took longer than I wanted), I was busy with something else and “would get to it”.I set aside time each week to go through this material and committed to not purchasing anything new until I was sure I had scheduled the time to go through it.

6. Client satisfaction formula  :-

I have planned to set up clients satisfaction cell.

7.Manufacture or Assemble unit quota :-

I have decided to set up full furnished manufacture and assemble unit.

8.Distribution formula :-

I have decide to create a distribution method by experts.

9. Internal Management body :-

I have to form a internal body that will review my business from time to time .

Now this days the result of these Nine decisions in fornt of you  ? My practice filled to capacity, my income increased significantly and I had become consistent in my thoughts and actions.

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