We can solve both simlpe and complex problems of the practical world if we concentrate on some portion or some key features instead of on every detail of real life. 

This approximation or abstraction of reality, which we may construct in various forms,is called a model.
1.Core issue:-
Models do not,and cannot,represent every aspect of reality because of the innumerable and changing characteristics of the real world to be represented.It we wished to study the flow of material through a factory,we might construct a scaled diagram on paper showing the factory floor,position of equipment,tools,and workers.
2.Insubordinate issue:-
It would not be necessary to give such details as the color of the machines,the heights of the workers,or the temperature of the building.
Many forms of models exist,and the particular form selected depends upon the purpose.The purpose provide a prediction system that can be manipulated to aid a decision market,is perhaps the most important attribute of models.
3.Benefits of issues:-
Models provide two very important benefits that are closely related but distinct.The represent a factory layout or an MIS visually in a diagram than it is to construct either one. It is also cheaper to try out modifications of such systems by rearrangements on paper.
Models permit us to analyze and experiment with complex situations to a degree that would be impossible by constructing the actual system and its environment.

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