Third approach to formulating a global marketing plan is the interactive

INTERACTIVE is one of the most essential approach in global marketing.

As marketing gurus have described it as third approach to formulating a global marketing plan is the interactive,or integrate,approach.
1.Proposed standard:-
This is superior to either the standardized or the local plan because it draws on the strengths of each of these approaches in planning to formulate a synthesis.Under the interactive marketing planning approach, subsidiaries are responsible for identifying the unique characteristics of their market and ensuring that the marketing plan responds to local characteristics.
2.Office locations:-
Headquarters,both global and regional,is responsible for establishing a broad strategic framework for planning in such matters as deciding on major goals and objectives and on where to allocate resources.In addition, headquarters must coordinate and rationalize the product design,advertising,pricing,and distribution activities of each subsidiary operation.
Each decision must stand on its own merit,but there are significant opportunities for the improvement of performance and cost saving by concentrating certain activities at one location.

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