Key factors of Global marketing audit arises in pitfalls via default

The marketing audit presents a number of problems and pitfalls.Setting objectives are blind to a major problem.Here the Key factors of Global marketing audit arises in pitfalls via default.

It is important for the auditor to be open to expand or shift objectives and priorities while in the conduct of the audit itself.
1.Data sources:-
Similarly,new data sources may appear during the course of an audit and the auditor should be open to such sources.The approach of the auditor should simultaneously be systematic, following a predetermined outline,and perceptive and open to new directions and sources that appear in the course of the audit investigation.
2.Report Presentation:-
One of the biggest problems in marketing auditing is that the executive who commissions the audit may have higher expectations about what the audit will do for the company than the actual results seem to offer.An audit is valuable even if it does not offer major new directions or panaceas.It is important for all concerned to recognize that improvements at the margin are what truly make a difference between success and mediocrity.
3.Custom counterpart:-
Global marketers,even more than their domestic counterparts,need marketing audits to assess far-flung efforts in highly diverse environments.The global marketing audit should be at the top of the list of programs for strategic excellence and implementation excellence for the winning global company.

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