Decentralized planning approach in transnational marketing world

DECENTRALIZED is one of another important factor in global marketing plan.Many companies have followed a decentralized planning approach either because of poor results using the standardized approach or after noting the many differences from country to country in market environments. 

1.General approach:-
This approach has received perhaps more support in marketing than any other functional area. An executive of a major international company expressed this view as follows.”Marketing is conspicuous by its absence from the functions which can be planned at the corporate headquarters level.
2.Functioning approach:-
It is in this phase of overseas business activity that the variations in social patterns and the subtlety of local conditions have the most pronounced effect on basic business strategy and tactics.For this reason,the responsibility for marketing planning must be carried out by those overseas executives who are most familiar with the local environment.
A common feature of both the standardized and the decentralized approaches is the absence of responsibility for analisis and planning at the headquarters level for multicountry marketing programs.

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