Target market selection and positioning are critical international success factors. Hot shot can succeed because the Indians are fascinated with American tradition, history and culture. Alcohol desire for those aged 20 to 35 is also westernized.Singleton indicates that they must also evaluate product adaptations. MANAGERIAL CONCERNS AND APPROACHES IN B2B

Test marketing will determine if Hot shot needs to be modified to Indians tastes; however preliminary research indicates that major product adaptation is not necessary. Hot shot should be promoted for taste the flavor enhanced when poured on the rocks.

Under wallet concept of manager :-

Another consideration is the Hot shot name which does not translate into Indians. The name may have to be changed to “Hota Shota,” which is pronounceable for one speaking Indians but has no literal translation. The Indians culture dictates the purchase of a large bottle of alcohol at a bar to pass around to friends. This means increased distribution of the one-liter and 750-ml bottles.

Legal concept of Manager :-

The legal minimum drinking age in India is 20 years old. Outdoor advertising , specifically is required to have a notice stating that consumption by those under 20 is prohibited. During this time relationships with a reputable Indians distribution partner can be established. Having the Indians distribute the product is advantageous in circumventing cultural and trade barriers.

Normal theory of managerial concept :-

Regardless of whether the organization focuses control on inputs, production, or outputs, another choice must be made between different approaches tor control. There are three control approaches regarding the mechanisms managers will use to implement controls: market control, bureaucratic control, and clan control.Market control involves the use of price competition to evaluate output. Managers compare profits and prices to determine the efficiency of their organization. In order to use market control, there must be a reasonable level of competition in the goods or service area and it must be possible to specify requirements clearly. Market control is non appropriate in controlling functional departments, unless the price for services is set through competition and its representative of the true value of provided services.

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