Global business and Transnational Marketing Theory

Global business has already become transnational marketing which uses upon leveraging a company’s assets, experience and products globally and upon adapting to what is truly unique and different in each country. It recognizes cultural universals and unique market differences.

 Global business and Transnational Marketing Theory

Instead of an international company approach of applying the communications campaign developed for the home country, or a multinational approach of creating a unique campaign in each country, the global / transnational company would distinguish between what was global and universal and what was country specific and unique.

Global business and Transnational Marketing Theory

 For example, it might conclude based upon in-depth research that it should develop a global creative platform for a product where sampling was a key success factor in gaining market penetration. The task of each country marketing team in this case would be to develop a unique national sampling plan. The country marketing team would draw upon global creative and combine that with national sampling . 

Transnational marketing exception 

Global marketing does not mean entering every country in the world. The decision to enter markets outside the home country depends upon a company’s resources and the nature of opportunities and threats. Coke and IBM operate in over 100 countries because they began their international expansion over 50 years ago and they have had the resources to establish themselves wherever there is opportunity . Inter-Ad, Inc. Operates only in the Asia country because it began operations in 1984 and is still establishing itself in the ASIA market.

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