The times and cost barriers of distance have fallen tremendously over the past 100 years. increased speed and capacity and lower cost communications have been a major force facilitating international business expansion. The jet airplane has revolutionized the communications field by making it possible for people to travel around the world in less than 48 hours.


One essential characteristic of the effective business enterprise is the face-to-face meeting of those responsible for directing the enterprise. Without the jet airplane,face-to-face contact so essential to business management would not have been possible because the amount of time required to travel the distance involved in international operations would be too great. The jet aircraft has made it possible for executives to be in face-to-face contact at regular intervals throughout the year.


A second major communications development has been the enormous improvement in the ability to transmit data electronically. The cost of transmitting voice, facsimile, television and data has declined continuously since the end of world war II. The declining cost and incresing availability of transportation and electronic communications have made it possible to man age geographically dispersed operations. A similar revolution has occurred in transportation technology. Physical distribution has declined in cost and in the time required for shipment . A letter from china to New York is now delivered in eight days–faster than domestic mail in many countries. The cost of shipping automobiles from INDIA and JAPAN, KOREA by specially designed auto-transport ships is less than the cost of shipping from detroit to either U.S. coast over land.


The modern world of communication has become another major factor of global business success as recent survey says like so .

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