The reason cultural factors are a challenge to global marketers is that they are hidden from view. Culture is learned behavior passed on from generation to generation and is difficult for the inexperienced or untrained outside to fathom. Unless we learn how to let go of our cultural assumption ,


we will be limited in our understanding of the meaning and significance of the statements and behaviors of the people from a different culture whom we are trying to do business with.

Example of cultural approach

 If you come from a culture that encourages responsibility and initiative , you could experience misunderstanding with a client or boss from a culture that encourages people to remain in personal control of all activities. Your boss would expect to be kept advised in detail of what you were doing when you might be taking the initiative assuming that your boss would appreciate your willingness to take responsibility.
To transcend cultural myopia, it is important to know that there are cultural differences and that they can be learned and incorporated into your experience base. There are several basic facts that will accelerate your ability to learn about other cultures :


(A) We spend most of our energy managing perceptual inputs.
(B) The beginning of wisdom is to accept that we will never fully understand ourselves or others- people are far too complex to be “understood” as carl jung pointed out , “There are no misunderstanding in nature………misunderstandings are found only in the realm of what we call understanding.
(C) If we want to be effective in a foreign culture, we most attempt to understand beliefs, motives and values. This requires an open attitude , one that transcends our own culture.
(D) When we experience or perceive bizarre behavior, there is something behind this behavior.

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