How to use a key piece of information (Institutional Ownership) when stock trading


In this video we teach how to use the key information of a stock’s Institutional Ownership when stock trading. We share 3 effective trading patterns to use after researching a stock’s institutional ownership. <span class="collapseomatic " id="id5e2b5d2a966fe" tabindex="0" title="View Video Transcript” >View Video Transcript in this video we teach how to use the key information ….  Read More

The Wuhan Wipeout – Could It Happen?


News is traveling fast about the Corona Virus that originated in Wuhan, China.  Two new confirmed cases in the US, one in Europe and hundreds in China.  As we learn more about this potential pandemic outbreak, we are learning that China did very little to contain this problem from the start.  Now, quarantining two cities ….  Read More

10 Steps Businesses Can Take to Manage the Risk of Wildfires


As prolonged drought, heat, other climate factors, and population growth trends intensify wildfire risks in the Western U.S., parts of Australia, Europe, South America, Africa and several other industrialized areas of the world, many governments have expanded their precautions to reduce the likelihood or severity of these devastating events, including massive temporary electrical power shutdowns ….  Read More

Understanding the Basics of How to Trade Futures


Before mastering any discipline, everyone must first grasp the basics. Futures trading is no different. Gaining an understanding of terminology, order types, and platform functionality is required before you enter the market. Fortunately, learning how to trade futures isn’t all that difficult. Vast educational resources are available online, and by taking a few simple steps, ….  Read More

January 2018 Stock Market Repeat – Yikes!


Our research team caught a very interesting price pattern that correlates with the Put/Call ratio.  We are alerting our friends and followers with this research post of this exciting, yet unconfirmed, set up today. In late 2017, the US stock market rallied from July through December with moderately low volatility throughout this span of time.  ….  Read More

ETW Energietechnik Reports CHP Units with SCR catalysts Overall Efficiency 85 percent+


The Rems-Murr waste management company in Backnang-Neuschöntal in Baden-Württemberg has two new energy-efficient combined heat and power plants in which methane from biogas plants is co-incinerated. From 2023 onwards, they will emit five times less nitrogen oxide than today. On 23 October 2019, two new combined heat and power (CHP) plants of the municipal waste ….  Read More

Trading Watch List 01.23.2020


Reversal day after a gap up open. Saw some hard reversal and few failed breakouts in many individual stocks. Maybe some market fatigue after big move. Ideally few days of rest will be great to for fresh chart setups. Watch list long ideas, BYND,SPCE,OCFT,CRNC,PTON,NVCR,BNTX,XP all gave some actionable trades. After so many alerts triggers,slim picking ….  Read More